Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grindhouse fun *not a review* and a long weekend...

So as my title indicates, i have seen Grindhouse. I am also ,as indicated by my title, not reviewing it. Im just going to say it was a really good movie and lives up to its hype. Go See It!

Anyways, long weekend of Friday-Monday with my beau, spent mostly at home*no complaints here*. Friday night was grocery/meet a kinky bish night. Fun times...meeting new ppl usually scares me or it used to. Newfound confidence allows me to enjoy making new friends and shake the fear of judgement when meeting someone new. Wine doesnt hurt either. Dont look at me like that,I was responsible!

Saturday finds me at the movies with Brad, matinee prices are outrageous but completely worth the movie i saw.

Sunday, a lazy day. Happy Easter, I have the traditional Easter dinner of Nachos and Buffalo wings. Thank god for pregnancy, otherwise that would have been an odd selection. Called my father, wished him a happy easter and proceeded to shoot down his obvious attempts to make me feel worthless. *sighs* but all went better when I talked to Brad's momma dearest on the phone later that night. Funny, his mom likes me better than my own dad about now. Not sure how i feel about that.

Monday leaves me sad and worried. Sad bc i didnt want to leave brad. Worried bc my POOR KITTY! was alone ALL weekend and i had visions of her cold corpse laying outside my apartment building after an accidental leap out of my window. I thought i had left my windows open the entire weekend.But as i climbed the stairs to my "penthouse"*giggles* i hear her mewing already, and a flood of relief ensures me i was being a silly mommy.I had shut to windows before i left*whew*I think she grew over the weekend, shes getting so big*sniffles* her voice is deeper too, my poor kitty hit puberty without me.

anyways, enough about my kitty.

Thought for the week* straight from Anita Blake*:
"...men are ducklings, they tend to imprint on their first lovers. Which means they tend to make love the way they are first trained to make love. "

I think its a profoud theory and a very correct one. Ill just say, from my slight experience, that its proven.*smiles*I theorize that if you have a tramatic expeirence your first time, then you are more likely to seek trauma in your sexual relationship.Same of the opposite, if you were taught sex by yourself :D then you are lacking know-how. Everyone is different and the slights can change this theory dramatically.

*gasps* sex talk!

yeah icky stuff. im done :D


Monday, April 2, 2007

A Wonderful Weekend.

Currently, I sit, watching with heart-flooding joy, my daughter who is three going on 40. I have not seen her in over two months and had begun to wonder if i would ever see her again. She is at this very moment, placing her toys on my kitchen floor*her own lil playroom* and looking cautiously at her kitty, instructing her not to touch her toys. She is a czar in the making. A bit bossy but its adorable at her age.

Looking back on the weekend, which still doesnt feel over for me, I smile. My beau picked me up on Friday and whisked me away to Atlanta *my home away from home*. The place I feel the most happy in. Partly because its a big city and also because its where I wanted to *and will* live soon.

We spent about 70% of the weekend in bed, most of it sleeping! *giggles* and the other 30% was driving around and eating out. I forgot how good barbecue and KFC is! The final four had flooded the lil ol' Smyrna. A basketball championship thingy, not a big basketball fan.

The most memorable thing about this weekend was well if i REALLY had to choose, it would be playing Wii with Brad. I really suck at getting the remote skills down. I let him win, ALOT. :D

I cant wait til next weekend, to kick some ass LOL.

My life is pretty much perfect right now i couldnt ask for more. Well i could, but thats just greedy. I have everything I could want. And soon, ill be a resident of Cloud 9.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby! and other stuff...

So I had my second OB apt today.
Completely uneventful and short *yay*

but..on a kewl note, the doc let me record the heartbeat on my phone i can play it for friends and DF...

heres random pic for ya of my kitty, oh how i cherish this lil bish...

I had a very very low moment and a very very high emotional moment this week...

the low moment came when i felt badly about my lack of real friends. most of my friends are online and i hardly talk to them bc i have a guilt complex about saying hi and feeling like im bothering them. But luckily, after talking to a couple close friends, i feel way better about having friends who do care about me.Onlines friends tend to be less than personal. Alot of online friends are more acquaintances. its understandable why. we all have our own lives to live and busy ones at that.

Anyways on to the high high time.
well at first it was very sad. I cried bc i miss my fiance sooooo much. This thusly made me realize how deeply i care for him and how much i truely love him. The aching in my chest, the saddness when hes gone, it all amounts to the scariest emotion of all....Love! But this makes me very happy, as i was worried *for like a millasecond* that it was all the metaphorical high of new love. but alas its not, im doomed to love him for the rest of my life. LOL.

Anyways, not much new on the home front. I got my notice of lease termination and they actually have the cahones (sp?) balls* to charge me extra for things like burnt out lightbulbs ($3 /each), and broiler pans($45.00/each) wtf!?! a $45 broiler pan, those things are like 5 bucks a pop at walmart...that broiler pan better come with a steak and potatoes and a lapdance!!!

heh, well ill clean*wipe off* before i leave, but im not gonna wear myself out bc i know they clean the apt after i leave anyways, not very well from the way the apt looked when i moved in(i.e. rusted toilet and shower*very badly rusted* and a dirty carpet) after the $1450 that im paying to get out of my lease, they can afford to replace a lil ol' broiler pan and light bulb with that money. geez!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


The reason I created this blog...

...and the fact that ive been told by alot of people I should have one.

*clears throat*

so to start. I am currently sick as a dog. Well, if you call allergies sick. For a few days now, I have been battling congestion, sore throat and sneezing. woohoo! Now I remember one of the many reasons I dont like Columbus.

Umm, hmmm, *ponders*

Well, so far, aside from the intensely painful gas and nausea, this pregnany is typical and uneventful. I felt the baby kick at about 12 weeks* am currently 14 weeks* while on the phone with her/his daddy ironically. We are waiting for the birth to find out what the gender of dear fetus. I feel*sorta* that its a girl, but that premonition has slowly faded to uncertainty again as of late. All these cute lil boys confuzzle me!

Have an OB apt on Mon. I like the U/S's better bc then you can see the baby! If I were suffering with an sordid illness like my fellow hormonal mommas are, then id be more excited for the regular appointments. This pregnancy has turned out like the last one, quiet and almost forgettable*gasp*

does that make me a bad mommy bc i dont think about the growing fetus beneath my skin 24/7? I think alot of soon-to-be mommies would agree that you dont get carried away all hours of the day by your condition unless you're just darn unlucky and have to suffer with those conditions which make pregnancy unbearable sometimes.

anywho, I get the see my daughter(3ish) next friday after not seeing her for about 2 months and i couldnt be more excited about anything else! every waking moment with her, soaking her up, spoiling her rotten, I cant WAIT!!!

thats all the prattling im going to subject you to for now!

ciao dahlings!